Instructions massage and skin care applied directly to skin start very small to test for any allergies at essential oils if desired safety do not ingest or consume keep out of reach of children keep away from eyes store in a cool dark place below 50 degrees storing fridge for maximum longevity

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Hemp Seed Oil is great for the face, hair and body. The oil can be used in most cosmetic applications such as creams, body butter, massage products, lotions and so on.

-       It can be applied after a shower or bath as when you massage your body with hemp seed oil it will nourish the skin.

-       As it is a carrier oil (also known as base or vegetable oil) it is a great base oil for essential oils –about 5 drops every 10mls average depending on the oils. 

-       Benefits for the skin: hempseed oil contains a number of fatty acids which are great for the skin.

This product is not intended for food/human consumption, do not ingest, external/cosmetic applications only.

Just a few of the many benefits:

Rich in Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid and Oleic acid. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, rich in skin-loving vitamins, anti-aging, antibacterial.

This oil is rich in fatty acids and may be a helpful remedy for varicose veins when massaged into the affected areas of the legs.

Hemp seed oil is perfect for oily skin and sensitive skin. It is known to reduce inflammation, redness and clogged pores associated with acne and itchiness and dryness associated with eczema and psoriasis. It has been known to balance the oil production of oily skin, is nourishing, will firm and tighten dry skin and provide it with long-lasting moisture. It may help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and it will soothe and calm irritated skin. Rich in Vitamin E antioxidants, it can help protect the skin from environmental damage and works wonders on stretch marks and scars.
Use Hempseed oil as a natural makeup remover at night and your skin will feel soft, nourished and toned.

This oil is very nourishing and conditioning for the hair. 

It is recommended to do a skin patch test to check for a possible allergic reaction, before using certain oils in large quantities on the skin.

Please note: The above information provided about this product is intended to be educational in nature and not direct medical advice, claims, or recommendations for medical use or treatment in any way for skin conditions of any kind. 

General Safety Information: Use caution when trying any new ingredient, including carrier oils on the skin or in the hair. Those with nut allergies should consult their medical practitioner before coming into contact with nut oils, butters or other nut products.